NoteStuff is a powerful way to organize your information. Whether you are looking for a daily journal, note taking for meeting, log book for projects, or focusing on “getting things done.”


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1 Contains TextExpander engine library, Copyright © 2009 SmileOnMyMac, LLC. TextExpander is a trademark of SmileOnMyMac, LLC



Favourite Features

Wiki Notation

  1. wiki like syntax for formatting, lists, links and headers

  2. NoteStudio wiki subset

Page Links

  1. Link to web pages

  2. Link to pages in same book

  3. Link to pages in another book

  4. Find pages linked to current page


  1. Future sync to NoteStudio via plugin API (planned for next version only)



  1. 1.1.2

  1. Limited to 2 book

  2. Limited 20 pages per book

  1. Unlimited books and pages

  2. TextExpander Touch support1

  1. iPhone OS 2.2

  2. iPhone and iPod Touch